Best Xbox 360 Games For Christmas This Year

It would appear that most people are noticing the major decrease in cases surrounding the “red rings of death” hardware malfunction in the older Xbox 360 models. Even still, with the holiday season coming around every one is going to be asking the same question. “what are going to be the best Xbox 360 games being released this year?” Well lets be honest guys, over the months, we’ve noticed as well that companies are starting to create more creative and entertaining games. One such game is the highly anticipated Ninja Gaiden: Sigma 2.

As most may not know, the first of this legendary genres installments (into the 3D world, of coarse), Ninja Gaiden: sigma, had quite a bit of controversy around it. Most people hated it, but not because it was a terrible game, or because it had bad graphics, or สล็อต even bad game play. No, it was hated because the game was too intense, or too challenging. There where actual accusations in which the games creator would be called to blame for this travesty. However, he stood strong, and said in short words, the populaces would have to just stand for it. Ninja Gaiden (in it’s 3D form) was released in early 2004. To this day, millions of people enjoy it. Making it one of the most anticipated Xbox 360 games to date. Making it number two on the list.

But lets get down to an even more popular game to people in America. The Grand Theft Auto series seems to never get old. The makers have called to court for the obscene material featured in the game, the series has won the hearts of many teen age boys looking to fill their empty lives with a little excitement. Even still, Grand Theft Auto is popular not just to gamers, but to every one. People have become almost as familiar with this game as much as Christians have become familiar with God. Most gamers haven’t completed their collection of, “great games” until they have at least one game on the shelf. Simply stated, this is why Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost and Damned comes in number one on the list. There isn’t much left to say about the series. Either you love it, or you hate it. A great deal of parents across the glob won’t even let their kids play it, while most kids will do any thing necessary to get their hands on it. It’s almost like drug dealing. That’s something to think about, isn’t it?